CARD technology offers a high level of standardization and implement routines in aptamer selection, identification & characterization.

Identification and Characterization

CARD’s platform facilitates the automated selection of aptamers, performing twelve selection cycles without manual interference. We developed a selection protocol that facilitates the identification of RNA aptamers binding to protein targets. This protocol enables the identification of enriched libraries within a short timeframe. Figure 1 represent the individual steps of one selection cycle: i) the incubation of RNA libraries with the protein target , ii) separation of bound from unbound nucleic acids, iii) recovery of bound nucleic acids, iv) RT-PCR amplification, and v) in vitro transcription. However, protocols for covering other targets, e.g. cells or small molecules will be implemented and available soon.

Figure 1: Flowchart highlighting the consecutive modules of one selection cycle for the identification of RNA aptamers.

Besides the standard automated selection, we also offer an optional support as a post-selection phase, which includes Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), as well as affinity and specificity determination of the resultant aptamers.