Welcome to the Center of Aptamer Research & Development

The Center of Aptamer Research and Development (CARD) is located within the Life and Medical Sciences (LIMES)-Institute of the University of Bonn. CARD is centred on an automated aptamer development platform. This proprietary platform enables the fully automated generation of customized aptamers in a cost and time efficient manner. CARD is based on our long-term experience in the aptamer field, automation, and aptamer characterization. CARD is a non-profit institution, which allows scientists to access aptamers as research tools for a wide range of applications. CARD offers effective service and support in the aptamer development process with the corresponding documentation. CARD is aiming to cover the need of academic and industrial researchers from biomedical, pharmaceutical and environmental fields for affordable and customized aptamers. For this service, we partner and collaborate with Dr. Marcus Menger’s group who heads the ‘Functional Nucleic Acid – Aptamer’ laboratory at the Fraunhofer-Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology in Potsdam, Germany.

Our mission is to provide economic access to aptamers for researchers from Germany, Europe and worldwide. We are aiming to support the growing community of researchers seeking aptamers for their individual applications by offering access to CARD’s unique technology platform, their highly-experienced members and well optimized infrastructure.